Wednesday, October 13, 2004 - 9:45 AM

Effect of Image Information on Anxiety and Knowledge Before Aesthetic Surgery : A Randomised Trial

Alain M Danino, MD, PhD, Khadija Chahraoui, PhD, Christian Herve, MD, PhD, Olivier Trost, n/a, and Gabriel Malka, MD.

This trial aimed to assess the value of an information introducing images inesthetic surgery. Patients scheduled to undergo breast reduction or abominoplasty were approached during the second preoperative consultation . All patients were given an information leaflet about the procedure and completed a Spielberger state anxiety inventory (STAI) questionnaire to assess baseline anxiety. The patient were then randomly assigned to watch or not watch the information CD ROM(the procedure is explained, good, poor results and all the complications are showed following the information sheet) The day before the surgery the patient completed a second anxiety questionnaire and a knowledge questionnaire. 95 patients were screened 10 decline to participate and 5 were unable to complete the form. Of the remaining 80 patients 40 were assigned the CD ROM and 40 no CD ROM. Patients who watched the CD.ROM were significantly less anxious before esthetic surgery than those who did not Patients who watched the CD. ROM also scored more highly in the knowledge questionnaire than the “no image” group with regard to the purpose and the procedural details of surgery but we didn’t find any statistical difference of knowledge regarding the potential complications of the procedure.