Sunday, October 10, 2004: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Session A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Panel: Special Session: Another Level of Breast Augmentation: New Answers from New Faces Who Deliver a New Level of Outcomes
: A new and stimulating information exchange format, focusing on new answers from stimulating new voices with proved track records of delivering another level of augmentation outcomes within their first decade of clinical practice. Format: no podium participant presentations; direct responses to focused questions and challenges from the moderator by podium participants and audience by voluntary or moderator selected audience participants. Content: keys to deliver a new level of outcome to the augmentation patient; rethinking worn out concepts and solutions; decision making based on quantifiable parameters; surgical techniques that deliver a different patient experience; avoiding pitfalls common to the previous generation; differentiating the augmentation practice based on substance, predictability, and outcomes; and delivering a new level of patient experience and re-operation rates.
Panelists:William P Adams, Jr, MD
Bradley Bengston
Mark A Deuber, MD
Caroline A Glicksman, MD
Charles Randquist, MD
Steven A Teitelbaum, MD
Moderator:John B Tebbetts, MD

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