Monday, October 11, 2004: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Session B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Panel: “If I Only Knew Then what I Know Now”: Practice and Outcome Improvement Through Critical Analysis of Research and Clinical Experience
This panel is designed to demonstrate how plastic surgery research (your own others’) and analysis of your own clinical outcomes have impacted the way you practice and manage situations. The purpose is to highlight the importance of honest, objective, evidence-based analysis of techniques, procedures and their outcomes in order to optimize results. Personal case examples will emphasize how schematic evaluation of available data can and has been used in to modify or change techniques and improve outcomes. Improved outcomes may include a reduction in complication rates and/or operative time, functional and/or aesthetic improvements, enhanced patient (and/or surgeon) satisfaction, as well as other factors. Presenters are encouraged to include elements
Panelists:James C Grotting, MD
Peter C Neligan, MD
Berish Strauch, MD
Moderator:Geoffrey L Robb, MD

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