Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplantation: a New Surgical Approach to Bone Marrow Transplantation Induces Immunological Tolerance
Chau Tai, MD, Louise F. Strande, MS, Josef G. Hadeed, MD, Riva Eydelman, MS, Martha S. Matthews, MD, Vitali Y. Lounev, PhD, Charles W. Hewitt, PhD
  Biomechanics of the Sternum and Correction of Sternal Deformities
Roger S. Collins, MS, MD
  Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Are A Source of Transforming Growth Factor Beta-3 in Unwounded Skin
Kimberly K. Lu, MD, Vincent Chan, MD, Lynne Wilson, Anne Hocking, PhD, F. Frank Isik, MD
  “Beacon” and “Sensor” Molecular Imaging Technology for Applications in Progenitor Cell Based Therapies
Michael Charles Edwards, MD, PhD, Amer Najjar, Juri Gelovani, Saleh Shenaq
  HoxA3 Promotes Endothelial Cell Migration and Angiogenesis
Scott L. Hansen, MD, Nancy J. Boudreau, PhD, David M. Young, MD
  Hre-Luciferase Transfection Quantifies Tissue Level Ischemia in a Rabbit Ear Wound Model
Hakim K. Said, MD, John Y. S. Kim, Nakshatra Roy, Thomas A. Mustoe
  Hyperoxic and Hyperbaric Induced Cardioprotection: Role of Nitric Oxide Synthase
R. B. Schaefer, MD, E. B. P. Cabigas, Y. Shi, R.F. Recinos, V. Nilakantan, H. Matloub, E. Kindwall, J.S. Tweddell, J.E. Baker
  InVivo Trafficking of Adipose-derived Multipotent Mesenchymal Cells to Cutaneous Wound Sites
Edward Park, MD, H. Peter Lorenz, MD
  Pulsed Magnetic Fields for Wound Healing, Tendon Injury, and Flap Survival
Mitesh K. Patel, MD, M. Berdichevsky, BA, alberto Navarro, md, Berish Strauch, MD
  Vascularization and Tissue Engineering of Cardiac Muscle Constructs
Gregory H. Borschel, MD, Ravi K. Birla, PhD, Robert G. Dennis, PhD, David L. Brown, MD
  Creation of a Vascularized Composite Graft with Acellular Dermal Matrix and Hydroxyapatite
Albert S. Woo, MD, Judy L. Jang, BA, Jennifer S. Lee, MD, Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
  Influence of Lavage Volume on Wound Bacterial Reduction
Mark S. Barlow, MD, John P. Heggers, Lisa J. Gould, Linda G. Phillips
  Broadening Educational Horizons
Stephen Delatte, MD, John Noon, MD, Gustavo Herdocia, MD, Karol Gutowski, MD, Michael Bentz, MD
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