Saturday, October 24, 2009: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
A Case Report of a Rare Congenital Anomaly: Supernumerary Nostril
Cristiane M. Ueno, MD, William A. Wooden, MD, Laura Krutner, MS
A Clinical Study of Nasal Synechiae Causing by Closed Reduction for Nasal Bone Fractures
Hwan-Jun Choi, MD, Chang-Yong Choi, MD, Hyung-Eun Yang, MD
A Comparative Study of the Rheology and Microstructure of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers
David.M. Stocks, Bsc(Hons), John Dale, BSc, MBA, Richard.V. Lees, BSc, Manzer.J. Durrani, PhD
A New Method for Fractured Facial Bone Reduction and Resorbable Plate Fixation Using Tapper
Chang Yeon Kim, MD, PhD, Youn Hwan Kim, MD, Kee Woong Kim, MD
Correction of Inverted Nipple Using 4-Flap Method
Sang Yoon Kang, MD, Ki Yup Kim, MD
Full-Thickness Skin Grafting In Helical Keloid
Jin Sik Burm, MD, Juliana E. Hansen, MD
Functional and Structural Repair of Peripheral Nerve Injury by Adipose-Derived Stem Cells: An Experimental Study
Hiroshi Mizuno, MD, A. Cagri Uysal, MD, Hakan Orbay, MD, Kyoko Kobe, MD, Hiko Hyakusoku, MD
Internal Fixation of Mandibular Fractures with Titanium Microplates
Jin Sik Burm, MD, Juliana E. Hansen, MD
Nasal Base Modification In Asians
Sang-Ha Oh, MD, Da-Arm Kim, MD, Nak Heon Kang, MD, Seung Ryul Lee, MD
Novel “S”- Shaped Skin Aperture to Transpose the Umbilicus in Abdominoplasty
Osvaldo J. Pereira, MD, Dante Roberto Eickhoff, MD, Jorge Bins-Ely, MD, PhD, Alfredo Granemann, MD
Optimization of the 3D Culture Environment to Promote Adipogenic Differentiation of Human Preadipocytes In Vivo
D. Heath Stacey, MD, Garet Lahvis, PhD, Kristyn Masters, PhD, Karol A. Gutowski, MD
Predicting the Successful Outcome of Tongue-Lip Adhesion Using the GILLS Scoring System
Shelly Abramowicz, DMD, MPH, Gary Rogers, MD, John B. Mulliken, MD
Reconstruction of the Upper Region of the Auricle and Its Surroundings Using the Superior Auricular Artery Island Flap
Da-Arm Kim, MD, Sang-Ha Oh, MD, Nak Heon Kang, MD, Seung Ryul Lee, MD
Secondary Operations Following Perforator Free Flap Transfer In Romberg's Disease
Tae Sung Lee, MD, So Young Lim, MD, Jai Kyong Pyon, MD, Goo Hyun Mun, MD, Sa Ik Bang, MD, Kap Sung Oh, MD
Superficial Power-Assisted Liposuction for the Treatment of Axillary Osmidrosis : Clinical Experience of 412 Cases
Chi Ho Lee, PhD
Superiorly Pedicled Mastopexy with Inferior-Lateral Flap After Massive Weight Loss
Elvio Bueno Garcia, MD, PhD, Mario Cesca Rocha, MD, Natasha Sallum, MD, Marcel Vinicius Aguiar de Menezes, MD, Lydia Masako Ferreira, MD, PhD
The Effect of Electroacustimulation On Postoperative Nausea, Vomiting and Pain in the Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery Population: A Prospective, Randomized, Blinded Clinical Trial
Jeffrey D. Larson, MD, Karol A. Gutowski, MD, Benjamin C. Marcus, MD, Venkat K. Rao, MD, MBA, Pamela G. Avery, MD
The Effect of Topical Application of Heparin with Microneedling On Skin Flap Survival
Eunjung Yang, MD, Sug Won Kim, MDPhD
The Extended Latissimus Dorsi Musculocutaneous Flap in Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction: Indications and Technical Considerations
Chuma J. Chike-Obi, MD, Evan Feldman, MD, Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD
The Ideal Split-Thickness Skin Graft Donor Site Dressing: A Randomized Prospective Clinical Trial Comparing a Multi-Perforated Polyurethane Film Dressing and Aquacel®
Ulf Dornseifer, MD, Tristan Gerstung, MD, Gustavo Sturtz, MD, Daniel Lonic, MD, Milomir Ninkovic, MD, PhD
The Muscular System of the Depressor Septi Nasi : Anatomical Study and Clinical Application
Sang-Ha Oh, MD, Da-Arm Kim, MD, Nak Heon Kang, MD, Seung Ryul Lee, MD
The Proximal Peroneal Perforator Flap: An Aesthetic and Low-Morbidity Donor Site for Distal Extremity Microvascular Reconstruction
Laurence C. Yeung, MD, Christopher Ellstrom, BA, Mark C. Martin, MD, DMD, FRCSC
The Usefulness of Transcatheter Arterial Embolization for Panfacial Injury
Hwan-Jun Choi, MD, Chang-Yong Choi, MD, Hyung-Eun Yang, MD
Three Dimensional Nasal Reconstruction for Bilateral Nasal Aplasia: Case Report
Cristiane M. Ueno, MD, William A. Wooden, MD
Vascular Anatomic Mapping of the Rat Mandible Using Microcomputed Tomography (Micro-CT)
Aaron S. Farberg, BS, Xi Lin Jing, MD, Laura Monson, MD, Steven R. Buchman, MD

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