37111 Iatrogenic Alogenosis in Face, Case Report of a Severe Inflamatory Process Due to a External Substance Injection Report

Saturday, September 29, 2018: 9:05 AM
Hector Ernesto Barbosa, MD , Plasti Sugery, Instituto Nacianal de Oftalmologia, bogota, Colombia

IATROGENIC ALOGENOSIS IN THE FACE, CASE REPORT OF A SEVERE INFLAMATORY PROCESS DUE TO A EXTERNAL SUBSTANCE INJECTION ERNESTO BARBOSA MD Plastic Surgeon “Universidad del Rosario, Programa Integrado.” “Instituto Nacional de Oftalmología y Cirugía Plástica, INO Colombia” This a case report of a patient that was injected 2 times of external subsantances developing an important inflamation process He consulted for fist time in November 2016, Antibiotic treatment was inciated with ciprofloxacine and claritromicine for 60 day. 2 surgical procedures were done on february and November of 2017, using blefaroplasty incistion in lower and upper eyelids in first and through nasolabial folds and temporal área during teh second restoring his anatamical feature. Every day asist to consult more ´patietn victims of external substance injection. The antibiotic treatmen for long time (40-60 days) can become an important clue for the treatment of these cronic inflamatory pathologies due to there is evidence of bacterial contamination in the surfaces or this external substances and some autor think that these bacteria may cause the inflamatory pocess. 1,2 In this case it showed that the antibiotic improved his inflamatory process The surgical process was done through incisions in order to take off the external sustances and try to restore the normal anatomy of the face against the closed proccedures as liposuctions or laser proccedures that may involved other tissues with worse deformity Bibliografy 1.Soft tissue filler complications: Important role of biofilm. Rohrich Rod, Nguyen G. Plast and Recons Surg Vol 125 No. 5 1250 -56   2. Facial Filler Complications. Woodward Julie, Khan T, Martin J Facial Plast Surg Clin N Am 23 (2015) 447-458   3. Facial Granulomas Secondary to Injection of Semi permanent Cosmetic Dermal filler containing Acrylic Hydrogel particules. Sachdev Mukta, Anantheswar YN, Ashok BC, Sunaina H J Cuta Aesth Surg Vol3, Issue 3 , 2010