This is the abstract submissions site for Americas Hernia Society 2021 Annual Meeting.

September 23 - 25, 2021 in Austin TX

Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021 11:59 pm Pacific Time

Submitting an abstract on-line is easy!

Technical support may be obtained by calling (401) 334-0220 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday, or at all times by contacting tech support.

Follow the link below to begin a new submission.
(You may submit more than one abstract, but you CANNOT submit the same abstract in more than one topic.)



Submission Guidelines:

  1. General Guidelines

    There is a 500 word limit for written and video abstract submissions. No reference to the authors or the institution should appear within the body of the abstract or in the abstract title.

    Important Notice: The following Abstract Submission Policies will be firmly enforced:

    1. Previously Presented Abstracts: All abstracts must be new and original content. No abstracts may be submitted that have been previously presented unless they include at least 50% new data.
    2. No Previously Published Submissions: The abstract submitted must present original work that has not and is not expected to be published prior to the Americas Hernia Society (AHS 2021) Scientific Session.
    3. No Dual Submissions: The abstract must not be submitted to any other upcoming regional, national, or international meeting.
    4. There is no limit to the number or abstracts you may submit, but you may not submit a video abstract and a written abstract on the same study/data set. You must select either a written abstract submission or a video abstract submission.

    Please note that all accepted abstracts will be published in the AHS Journal Hernia (https://www.springer.com/journal/10029/).

    If you have any questions, please contact the AHS office.

  2. Written Abstract Submissions

    1. The word limit for written abstract submissions is 500-words (not including title and authors).
    2. Up to 3 images are allowed with abstract submissions. Images must be no larger than 1MB in file size and no larger than 900 pixels wide by 900 pixels high.
    3. Tables may be included in the abstract submission but will go against the abstract's 500-word limit.
    4. Videos may not be submitted with a written abstract.
    5. No reference to the authors or the institution should appear within the body of the abstract or in the abstract title.

  3. Video Abstract Submissions

    1. The maximum length for submitted videos is five (5) minutes. Americas Hernia Society (AHS) is not accepting 3D video submissions. If your video is accepted for presentation at AHS 2021 meeting, you will be required to bring a final copy of your video with you to the meeting.
    2. A short written description of your video should be included when submitting your video abstract.
    3. Images and tables should not be included in the short written description when submitting a video abstract.
    4. Videos must have narration in English. Without narration, it will not be considered.
    5. Videos may not include advertisement or promotion of products.
    6. Please DO NOT include any music, video clips, or other materials/media copyrighted by any entity other than yourself.
    7. No reference to the authors or the institution should appear in your video, within the body of the abstract, or in the abstract title.

  4. Awards

    AHS offers multiple research awards that are selected from abstract submissions. you can read about available awards and their judging criteria at https://americasherniasociety.org/about-us/awards/.

  5. Americas Hernia Society Policy on Employees of Commercial Interests

    The ACCME states that an employee/owner of a commercial interest may not serve as a planner or speaker for an accredited CME activity when the topic to be discussed is relevant to the products or services of the company. Therefore, the Americas Hernia Society (AHS) Conflict of Interest Task Force declares that no employees/owners of a commercial interest may present in AHS CME accredited activities. Individuals who serve on a commercial interest's board and who receive a salary will be considered an employee.

    It is the general expectation of ACCME that commercial interest employees/owners may not be involved in the content of accredited education. However, if the products and business lines are in no way related to the content of your abstract, AHS may consider an individual exception at its discretion.

    If a faculty/presenter indicates they serve on an Advisory Board of a commercial interest by are not salaried, or if they have equity interest but are not salaried, they will not be considered an employee but their presentation must be peer reviewed.

    If a non-presenting author is an employee, then the presenting author may elect to remove that author or participate in a non-CME activity.

    If you have any questions, please contact the AHS office.