Sunday, October 10, 2004

Long Lasting Results with Hydroxyapatite Facial Filler

Patricio Fernando Jacovella, MD, PhD, Claudia B. Peiretti, MD, Diego Cunille, MD, Mauricio Salzamendi, MD, and Sophia Asiu Schechtel, MD.

Injectable soft tissue filler substances play an important role in the aesthetic treatment of the aging face. For many years, physicians and investigators world wide have been looking for the ideal filling material: considerable long lasting, biocompatibility, absence of side effects and reasonable cost- benefit ratio.

Objective: to present the experience with synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite soft tissue filler for aesthetic facial corrections.

Material and methods: the study was carried out in the Plastic Surgery Division, Hospital de Clinicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Forty male and female patients were injected in 55 different anatomical regions to improve aesthetic appearance: glabellar wrinkles, nasolabial folds, lips, nose and infraorbital region. Product description: Radiance TM (Bioform Inc USA ) is a sterile latex free, non pyrogenic, cohesive subdermal implant, composed by synthetic 25 to 45 microns particles of calcium hydroxyapatite in sodium carboximethilcelulose as a carrier. The average volume injected was 0.75 cc.

Results: As temporary adverse effects, 5 % showed ecchymosis and hematoma. Only one patient developed a lip nodule which had to be removed by surgery without complications. No systemic reactions were seen within 12 months follow up. Patients' satisfaction scale showed 87 % acceptance as very good results.

Conclusion: Several advantages in comparison to other temporary and permanent fillers are discussed. Most of the main desirable properties for a filling material have been achieved with this product. Despite a larger number of patients and a longer follow up is necessary, it can be considered a very good option as a soft tissue long lasting filler.

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