Sunday, October 10, 2004: 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
Session A (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
2 Stage Reconstruction of Concomitant Subtotal Full Thickness Upper and Lower Eyelid Defects With a Single Hard Palate Graft Covered with Advancement Orbicularis Myocutaneous Flaps
Donald H Lalonde, MD
A Gene Expression Analysis of Human Mandibular Distraction Callus
Rian A Maercks, MD, XP Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, Jennifer Marler, MD, Cathy Ebert, MS, LE Landa, MD, DMD, Enrique Ochoa Lopez Diaz, MD, Christopher B Gordon, MD
A New Era in Chest Wall Reconstruction: Omento-Pectoral Flaps, Laparoscopy, Jet Lavage and Vacuum Dressings
Jeffrey H. Donaldson, MD, John A Attwood, MD, Roy A. Cobean, MD
Acellular Human Dermis (Alloderm) As An Adjunct To Plastic Surgical Reconstruction
Daniel A Medalie, MD
Aging Impairs Ischemia-Induced Neovascularization by Decreasing Endothelial Progenitor Cell Recruitment
Nicholas Bastidas, BA, Daniel Ceradini, MD, Geoffrey C. Gurtner, MD
Algorithm for Correction of Nasal Tip Ptosis
Ali Sajjadian, MD, Ramtin Kassir, MD, Siamk Agha Mohammadi, Md, PhD
An Alternative Approach to Browlift Fixation. Temporoparietalis Fascia, Galeal and Periostal Imbrication
Fernando Tuccillo, MD, Gabriel Repetti, MD, Patricio Jacovella, MD, PhD, Oscar Zimman, MD, PhD
Anomalous Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Muscle Belly Presenting as a Mass Within the Palm
Christopher Kennon Livingston, MD, Eric Marques, MD, Nicholas Stephens, BS
Avoiding Free Nipple Grafts During Reduction Mammaplasty in Patients with Gigantomastia
Melinda Lacerna, MD, Scott Van Duzer, Adam Angeles, Mohammed Elahi, Julia Spears, Amithaba Mitra
Bilateral Breasts Paraffinoma and Its Treatment
Hee Chang Ahn, MD, PhD, Weon Joong Hwang, MD, Jung Keun Oh, MD, M. Seung Suk Choi, MD, Jung Tae Kim, MD, PhD
Biodegradable Screw Fixation of the Split Calvarial Graft in Nasal Reconstruction
Yener Demirtas, MD, Reha Yavuzer, MD, Kemal Findikcioglu, MD, Kenan Atabay, MD
Bony Palatal Fusion Following In Utero Repair of the Congenital Cleft Palate Model
Jennifer S. Lee, MD, Albert Woo, MD, Kip Panter, PhD, John Seki, MD, Anthony Spangenberger, Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
Botulinum Toxin (BT) Infiltration for Pain Control after Mastectomy and Subpectoral Tissue Expansion
Julio Hochberg, MD, Rakshanda Layeeque, MD, Rhonda Tillman, MD, Kent Westbrook, MD, James C. Yuen, MD, Kelly M. Kunkel, RN, Suzanne V. Klimberg, MD
Breast Reshaping After Massive Weight Loss
Dennis J Hurwitz, MD, Dinakar Golla, MD
Breast-Feeding after Breast Reduction: Does Pedicle Type Matter?
Norma I Cruz-Korchin, MD, Leo Korchin, DDS, MS
Buinewicz Flap: A Modified Bilobe Local Flap for Nipple-Areola Reconstruction
Melinda Lacerna, MD, Brian R Buinewicz, MD
Cadaveric Fascia Temporalis Graft for Pulley Reconstruction
Osman Latifoglu, MD, Yener Demirtas, MD, Yakup Sariguney, MD, Fulya Findikcioglu, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD
Capillary Formation in Bioengineered Human Skin Constructs (BHSC) Designed to Study Burn Injury
Sanjay Kumar, MD, Jean-Luc Van Tran, MS, Josef Hadeed, MD, Emily Bellavance, MD, Louise Strande, MS, Riva Eydelman, BS, Martha Matthews, MD, Steven W Marra, MD, Charles Hewitt, PhD
Case Report: Severe microstomia after chemical burn
Eduardo Mordjikian, MD
Characterization and Clinical Application of Tissue-Engineered Human Oral Mucosa Equivalent Based on Acellular Allogenic Dermal Matrix
Takuya Iida, MD, Yoshihiro Takami, MD, Ryo Yamaguchi, MA, Kiyonori Harii, MD
Cine MRI as a Diagnostic Predictor of Success of Mandibular Distraction
RA Maercks, MD, XP Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, JJ Marler, MD, Cathy Ebert, MS, LE Landa, MD, DMD, Enrique Ochoa, MD, CB Gordon, MD
Co-morbidity Trends in Patients Requiring Sternectomy and Reconstruction
Peter D. Ray, MD, Jorge I. de la Torre, MD, Leonik L. Ahumada, MD, R Jobe Fix, MD, Luis O Vásconez, MD
Comparison of Limited Incision Carpal Tunnel Release to Limited Carpal Tunnel Release With a Fascia Flap as Primary Treatment for EMG Documented Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Prospective Study
Daniel R. Nevarre, MD, Agheigh Nicky Lankerani, MS, IV
Contemporary Evolution of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Literature
Richard Agag, MD, Mark S Granick, MD, Sai S Ramasastry, MD
Coverage of Exposed Joints with Acellular Allograft Dermis in Deep Thermal Injury of Hand in Patients with Very Few Options
Mayer Tenenhaus, MD, Dhaval Bhavsar, MD, H O Rennekampff, MD
Delay of TRAM flap reconstruction of the breast in the obese patients
Howard T Wang, MD, Tristan Hartzell, BA, Gregory S Georgiade, MD
Development and Maintenance of Donor-Specific Chimerism in Semi-Allogenic and Fully MHC Mismatched Facial Allograft Transplants
Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD, Yavuz Demir, MD, Abir Mukherjee, MD, Aleksandra Klimczak, PhD
Diabetic Foot Salvage Using Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap
Joon Pio Hong, MD, PhD, Yoon Kyu Chung, MD, PhD
Distraction Cheiloplasty: The BADDOG Procedure at Five Years
Christopher B. Gordon, MD, X. Pilar Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, Enrique Ochoa Lopez Diaz, MD, Angel Puente Sanchez, MD, Rian Maercks, MD, Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, MD
Distraction Osteogenesis for Early Correction of Sagittal Craniosynostosis
Eun Soo Park, MD, Yong Bae Kim, MD
Dog Bites Correlate Strongly With Meteorological Variables
Robin S. Horrell, MD, PhD, Ana Maria C. Carvalho, MD, Julie L Goldman, MD
Early Treatment Of Haemangiomas Using The Long Pulsed Dye Laser With Cryogen Spray Cooling
Taro Kono, MD, Yuji Kikuchi, Tsutomu Kashimura, Motohiro Nozaki, Ali Riza Ercocen, MD
Electrosurgery Injuries in the Operating Room
Cemalettin Celebi, MD, Yener Demirtas, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Reha Yavuzer, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD
Endoscopic Monobloc with Piezoelectric Osteotomy
Christopher B. Gordon, MD, Enrique Ochoa Lopez Diaz, MD, X Pilar Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, Angel Puente Sanchez, MD, RA Maercks, MD, Leopoldo Landa, MD, DMD
Evaluation of radiological procedures to detect the inguinal lymph node metastasis in skin carcinomas: a comparison of CT, MRI and ultrasonography
Hideyuki Tada, MD, PhD, Mitsuo Hatoko, Aya Tanaka, Satoshi Yurugi, Hiroshi Iioka, Katsunori Niitsuma
Expression ofƒÀ- Catenin in Skeletal Muscle during the Degeneration and Degeneration/Regeneration Processes@after Nerve Injury
Mitsuo Hatoko, MD, PhD, Katsunori Niitsuma, MD, Aya Tanaka, MD, PhD, Hideyuki Tada, MD, PhD, Hiroshi Iioka, MD, Satoshi Yurugi, MD
Feasibility of Adenoviral Gene Delivery in Unburned and Burned Skin
Tobias Hirsch, MS, Dominik Mittler, MS, Frank Jacobsen, PhD, Mathias Schulte, MS, Marcus Lehnhardt, MD, Daniel Druecke, MD, Heinz-Herbert Homann, MD, PhD, Hans-Ulrich Steinau, MD, PhD, Lars Steinstraesser, MD
Growth Hormone Normalization with Mandibular Distraction
RA Maercks, MD, XP Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, Jennifer Marler, MD, Cathy Ebert, MS, LE Landa, MD, DMD, Enrique Ochoa Lopez Diaz, MD, Christopher B Gordon, MD
Homodigital Reverse Flow Island Flap for Reconstruction of the Neuropathic Great Toe Ulcers in Diabetic Patients
Kenan Atabay, MD, Yener Demirtas, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Cemalettin Celebi, MD
Hospital Volume Outcome and Discharge Distribution of Burn Patients
Salvatore J. Pacella, MD, Paul A. Taheri, MD, MBA, David A. Butz, PhD, Deborah R. Harkins, RN, Matthew C. Comstock, BBA, William M. Kuzon, Jr., MD, PhD
Sanjay Dhar, PhD, Michael P. McConnell, MD, Gregory R.D. Evans, MD, FACS
Impact of Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplantation Augmented with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation on Chimerism Induction Across MHC Barrier
Aleksandra Klimczak, PhD, Emrah Arslan, Maria Siemionow
Implant Reconstruction in Patients Who Receive Radiation for Breast Cancer
Matthew M. Hanasono, MD, Martin I. Newman, MD, Duncan B. Hughes, MD, Jeffrey A. Ascherman, MD
Improving Immediate Shape And Long Term Stability In Vertical Scar Breast Reduction By The Dermal Suspension Flap Technique
Oliver Scheufler, MD, Dirk J Schaefer, MD, Martin Haug, MD, Gerhard Pierer, MD, PhD, Klaus Exner, MD, PhD
Incidence of Peri-operative Complications Following Microsurgical Reconstruction of 211 Septuagenarians and Octogenarians
Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Michael A. Howard, MD, William Samson, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS, Joseph J. Disa, MD, Robin Schoelle, PA
Internal Mammary Perforators: A Cadaver Study
Luther H. Holton, MD, Gedge D. Rosson, MD, Ronald P. Silverman, MD, Navin K Singh, MD, Maurice Nahabedian, MD
Intraneural Haematoma with Extrinsic Compression: Experimental Study in Rats and Therapeutic Options
Gean Paulo Scopel, MD, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD, PhD, José Carlos Marques Faria, MD, Simone Cristina Orpheu, MD, Helio R N Alves, MD, Julia Peres, MD, Izumi Hayashi, MD, ASF Fonseca, MD
Long Lasting Results with Hydroxyapatite Facial Filler
Patricio Fernando Jacovella, MD, PhD, Claudia B. Peiretti, MD, Diego Cunille, MD, Mauricio Salzamendi, MD, Sophia Asiu Schechtel, MD
Long Term Follow-up of the Correction of Rectus Diastasis with Two Different Techniques
Oscar A. Zimman, MD, PhD, Carlos D. Butto, Claudia B. Peiretti, Arturo A. Figueroa
Long term in vitro chondrogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells
Eul-Sik Yoon, MD, PhD, Hooman Shabatian, MD, Sanjay Dhar, PhD, Michael P. McConnell, MD, Jay W. Calvert, MD, Gregory R.D. Evans, MD, FACS
Loupes For Magnification: One Center's Experience With Over 1000 Free Tissue Transfers
Stephen J. Vega, MD, Shao Jiang, MD, Hani Sbitany, Andrew Smith, Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, Joseph Serletti, Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery
Massive Panniculectomy after Massive Weight Loss
Michele A Shermak, MD, FACS, Michele A. Manahan, MD
Monitoring the Surgeon, not the Free Flap
Suhan Ayhan, MD, Yener Demirtas, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Kenan Atabay, MD
Nipple Areola Reconstruction Following Chest Wall Irradiation for Breast Cancer: Is it Safe?
Duc T. Bui, MD, Ernest S. Chiu, MD, Lawrence B. Drapier, BA, Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS, Joseph J. Disa, MD, FACS
Omental Flap Coverage in Post Cardiothoracic Surgery Mediastinitis
Mark F Hendrickson, MD, Bradley A Pierce, BA, MS, James E Zins, MD, Warren J Hammert, MD, Armand R Lucas, MD, Randall J Yetman, MD, Patrick McCarthy, MD, Nicholas Smedira, MD, Joseph Sabik, MD, Jose Navia, MD, A Marc Gillinov, MD, Bruce W Lytle, MD, Eugene Blackstone, MD, Earl Z Browne, MD
Osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells: In vitro comparison of different media and extension of survival
Eul-Sik Yoon, MD, PhD, Hooman S. Shabatian, MD, Sanjay Dhar, PhD, Michael P. McConnell, MD, Jay W. Calvert, MD, Gregory R.D. Evans, MD, FACS
Outcomes After Autologous Breast Reconstruction in Elderly Patients
Patrick B. Garvey, MD, Edward W. Buchel, MD, Barbara A. Pockaj, MD, Richard J. Gray, MD, Thomas D. Samson, MD, Jenevieve H. Hughes, MD
Peroneus brevis muscle flap for reconstruction of pediatric ankle and foot
Sandeep Munjal, MD, Jerald R Sultz, MD, Robert Galpin, MD, FRCS, Dougals Armstrong, MD, FRCS
Proper Timing of Breast Reduction in Menstrual Cycle
Yener Demirtas, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Yakup Sariguney, MD, Fulya Findikcioglu, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Seyhan Cenetoglu, MD, Cemalettin Celebi, MD
Recalcitrant Infection of Free Muscle Flaps by Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia
James C. Yuen, Associate, Professor, Russell Van Husen, MD, Julio Hochberg, MD
Recovery of nerve function after intraneural hematoma : experimental comparative study in rats
Gean Paulo Scopel, MD, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD, PhD, José Carlos Marques Faria, MD, Simone Cristina Orpheu, MD, Helio R N Alves, MD, Julia Peres, MD, Izumi Hayashi, MD, ASF Fonseca, MD
Recurrence of Cutaneous Lymphangioma after Surgical Resection. -its feature and manner-
Katsunori Niitsuma, MD, Mitsuo Hatoko, MD, PhD, Hideyuki Tada, MD, PhD, Aya Tanaka, MD, Satoshi Yurugi, MD, Hiroshi Iioka, MD
Repair of Complex Recurrent Abdominal Wall Hernias in Obese Patients Utilizing Autologous Dermal Grafts
Thomas D. Samson, MD, Edward W. Buchel, MD, Patrick B. Garvey, MD, Kristen A Kalkbrenner, PA
Repair Of Lumbosacral Meningomyelocles: An Added Layer Of Protection
Richard L Agag, MD, Mark S Granick, MD, Parsham Ganchi, MD, PhD, J Catrambone, MD
Review of re-plantation of amputations of the wrist and distal forearm: A 12 year experience
Nicholas Bastidas, BA, Sheil Sharma, MD, David W. Friedman, MD
Salvage of infected vascular grafts using muscle flaps
Hisham Seify, MD, Hunter Moyer, MD, John H Culbertson, Jr, MD, Albert Losken, M.D
Segmental Resection And Free Fibula Flap Reconstruction For The Definitive Treatment Of Mandibular Fibrous Dysplasia
Serhan Tuncer, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Kemal Fŭndŭkcŭoglu, MD, Yakup Sarŭguney, MD
Silicone Mastitis: Management Guidelines and Autologous Tissue Reconstruction
Gordon Lee, MD, Babak Mehrara, MD, Andrew Da Lio, MD, William W Shaw, MD
Simplified Method of Ischial Pressore Sore Closure
James C. Yuen, Associate, Professor, Julio Hochberg, MD
Synthesis Of Artificial Dermal Flap By Dilating Choke Vessels: Angiography And Lasergraphy In Rat Model
Shinpei Miyamoto, MD, Toshiharu Minabe, MD, Ph.D, Kiyonori Harii, MD, Ph.D
The Free Fibula Transfer: Analysis of a Series of 76 Consecutive Microsurgical Procedures
Detlev Erdmann, MD, Goetz A. Giessler, MD, Gunnar E.O. Bergquist, MD, William Bruno, MD, L. Scott Levin, MD
The perforator based reversed adipofascial flap for reconstruction of lower leg defects
M. Seung Suk Choi, MD, Hee Chang Ahn, MD, PhD, Dong In Jo, MD, Jung Keun Oh, MD
The Peri-glabellar Flap for Closure of Central Forehead Defects
Craig B. Birgfeld, MD, Benjamin Chang, MD
The Rationale for Endoscopic and Open Combined Face-Lifting
Oscar A. Zimman, MD, PhD, Fernando Tuccillo, Gabriel Repetti
The rectus abdominis musculoperitoneal flap for the immediate reconstruction of partial vaginal defects
Liza C. Wu, MD, David H. Song, MD, FACS
The Use Of a Pump For The Control Of Postoperative Pain In Abdominal Reconstruction
Henry A Mentz, MD, Amado Ruiz-Razura, MD, Christopher Patronella, MD, German Newall, MD
The use of free anterolataral thigh flap for large plantar defect reconstruction
Masaki Takeuchi, MD, Kenji Sasaki, MD, Motohiro Nozaki, MD, Ted Huang, MD, Hiroyuki Sakurai, MD
Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator (T.a.P.) Type I V-Y Advancement Flap in Axillary Hidradenitis Suppurutiva
Three Years Early Experience with Cook Implantable Ultrasonic Doppler for Free Tissue Transfer Monitoring
Arik Zaretski, MD, Aharon Amir, MD, David Leshem, MD, Yoav Barnea, MD, Ehoud Miller, MD, Ofer Arnon, MD, Jerry Weiss, MD, Eyal Gur, MD
Title: The Vertical Reduction Mammoplasty: A Prospective Analysis of Patient Outcomes
Jason A. Spector, MD, Alfred T. Culliford, MD, Rebecca Kleinerman, BA, Nolan S. Karp, MD, FACS
Treatment of Facial Paralysis Utilizing Internal Oblique Muscle Flap: an anatomy and histomorphometry study
Alexandre S. F. Fonseca, MD, Armando Cunha, MD, Alberto Yoshikazu Okada, MD, Diana P. Cruz, MD, Hélio R. N. Alves, MD, Diego S. Ikejiri, MD, Luis Henrique Ishida, MD, MM Gomes, MD, V.L. Capelozzi, MD, Phd, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD, Phd, Chairmam
Treatment of Gynecomastia after Massive Weight Loss
Dimitrios Danikas, MD, Lawrence Ng, MD, Arnold S. Breitbart, MD
Treatment of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infected Burn Wound with Anti-Flagellin-A Antibodies in a Murine Model
Yoav Barnea, MD, Eyal Gur, MD, Boris Kuzmenko, MA, Orly Hammer-Munz, MSc, Ehud Ilan, PhD, Rachel Eren, PhD, Yehuda Carmeli, MD, Shiri Navon-Venezia, PhD
UAL vs "Traditional" Breast Reduction: 37 Patients
Denis F Branson, MD
Venous Pressure Monitoring: A Powerful Tool For Flap Salvage
Eri Fukaya, MD, Hiroyuki Sakurai, MD, PhD, Motohiro Nozaki, MD, PhD, Nobuo Isono, MD
Viability of performing the Prophylactic Mastectomy and Oophorectomy with Immediate Breast Reconstruction
Arturo H. Armenta, MD, Jeffrey D Friedman, MD

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