Sunday, October 10, 2004: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Session B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Craniomaxillofacial Papers
2:00 PM - 2:04 PMCranial Vault Distraction: Its Illusionary Effect and Limitation
Hiroki Yano, MD, Akiyoshi Hirano, MD
2:04 PM - 2:05 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:05 PM - 2:09 PMReconstruction of Anterior Cranial Base Oncological Defects using Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer: A Ten Year Experience
Ernest S. Chiu, MD, Duc T. Bui, MD, Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Joseph J. Disa, MD, Dennis Kraus, MD, Mark H. Bilsky, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD
2:09 PM - 2:10 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:10 PM - 2:14 PMClinical Outcomes of the Furlow Z-plasty for Primary Cleft Palate Repair
Rohit K. Khosla, MD, Ziv M. Peled, MD, Charles L. Castiglione, MD, Kelly Mabry, PhD, CCC/SLP
2:14 PM - 2:15 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:15 PM - 2:16 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:16 PM - 2:20 PMGene Expression Patterns During Palatal Shelf Fusion: A Novel Approach to Identifying Genes Involved in Cleft Palate Formation
Kenton D. Fong, MD, David H. Sahar, MD, Randall P. Nacamuli, MD, H. Peter Lorenz, MD, Michael T. Longaker, MD
2:20 PM - 2:21 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:21 PM - 2:26 PMDiscussion
2:26 PM - 2:30 PMReversal of Cardiopulmonary Failure by Mandibular Distraction
RA Maercks, MD, XP Reyna Rodriguez, DDS, JJ Marler, MD, Cathy Ebert, MS, LE Landa, MD, DMD, Enrique Ochoa Lopez Diaz, MD, CB Gordon, MD
2:30 PM - 2:31 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:31 PM - 2:35 PMClosed Reduction and Percutaneous Stabilization of Subcondylar Fractures of the Mandible
Sean Boutros, MD
2:35 PM - 2:36 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:36 PM - 2:40 PMSquamosal Suture Synostosis: A Rare or Missed Entity Resulting in Atypical Skull Asymmetry
Davinder J. Singh, MD, Scott P. Bartlett, MD
2:40 PM - 2:41 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:41 PM - 2:45 PMLong-Term Evaluation of Mandibular Position Following Distraction Osteogenesis
Richard J. Mackool, MD, Pradip Shetye, DDS, Barry H. Grayson, DDS, Joseph G. McCarthy, MD
2:45 PM - 2:46 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:46 PM - 2:50 PMEconomic Analysis of Open Approach Versus Conventional Methods of Orbitozygomatic Complex Fracture Repair
Marcin Czerwinski, MD, Dimitrios Motakis, Chen Lee
2:50 PM - 2:51 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:51 PM - 2:56 PMDiscussion
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