Increased Intraabdominal Pressure in Abdominoplasty: To Plicate or Not To Plicate?
Georgeanna J. Huang, MD, Anureet Bajaj, MD, Vanessa Talbot, Robert A. Hardesty, MD, Subhas Gupta, MD, PHD, FRCSC, Duncan A.G. Miles, MD
  Analysis of Fresh and Frozen Autologous Fat Obtained by Suction-Assisted Lipectomy
Alfonso Camberos, MD, Henry M. Spinelli, MD, Robert T. Grant, MD, Lloyd B. Gayle, MD, Anthony N. LaBruna, MD
  LIBS Analysis of Chemical Composition of Skin
Navinderdeep S. Nijher, MD, Lloyd Hoffman, MD
  The American Perception of Beauty and the Golden Ratio
Dimitrios Danikas, MD, Anthony M. Rossi, Jr, MS, Georgia Panagopoulos, PhD, Anthony N. LaBruna, MD, FACS
  Inferior Pedicle Wise Pattern Reduction Mammaplasty with a Dexon Mesh Sling: Can We Prevent Bottoming Out?
Jason E. Leedy, MD, William P Adams, Jr
  Operating Room Fires: Optimizing Safety
S. Cristina Meneghetti, MD, Risal Djohan, MD, James Zins, MD, Raymond Brokowsky, MD
  Phenol and Croton Oil Peel in a Porcine Model: The Effect of Various Concentrations
James F. Boynton, MD, Bruce K. Smith, MD, Armineh Babaian, MD
  Viability of Adipose Tissue Injected with Platelet Rich Plasma: An Experimental Study in the Nude Mouse
Sarah A. Mess, MD, Ali Al-Attar, MD, PhD, Nathan Menon, MD, Joseph P. Panarelli, BA, Michael D. Johnson, PhD, Stephen B. Baker, MD, DDS
  Correction of Periareolar Augmentation Mastopexy Complications with the Vertical Mammoplasty Technique
J. Alberto Navarro, MD, Kaveh Alizadeh, MD, FACS
  Bilateral Hip Dermal-Fat Flap: A Novel Technique for Autologous Augmentation Gluteoplasty
Cassio Eduardo Raposo-Amaral, MD, Curtis Cetrulo Jr., MD, Marcelo Guidi, Cassio Menezes Raposo-Amaral
  Minimal Scar Gynecomastia Procedures: an Algorithmic Approach
Joseph Franklin, MD, Robert D. Wallace
  Modified Lateral Lip Lift
Michael Bain, MD, MS, Robert X. Murphy, Jr, MD, MS
  Periorbital Soft Tissue Augmentation Rejuvenation
Johnny Diaz, MD, Zachary E. Gerut, MD
  The Superolateral Pedicle for Breast Surgery: A Review of 1500 Cases
Charles K. Herman, MD, Berish Strauch, Marc Elkowitz, Thomas Baum
  A New Technique in Brachioplasty: Swallow Tail Incision Design
Jeffrey Raymond LaGrasso, MD, James R. Miller, MD
  A Simple Technique for Treatment of the Herniated Nipple Areolar Complex
Bryan W. Gawley, MD, Michael Obeng, MD, Linda G. Phillips, MD
  Avoiding Free Nipple Grafts during reduction mammaplasty in gigantomastia patients
Melinda Lacerna, MD, Carlos Medina, Adam Angeles, Julie Spears, Amit Mitra
  Alloderm As An Adjuvant in Rhinoplasty
Patrick J. Proffer, MD, Malcolm W. Marks, MD, Lisa R. David, MD, Louis C. Argenta, MD
  Redundant axillay skin
R. Gil Altman, MD
  A novel approach to reduction mammaplasty using de-epithelialized dermal flaps
Vincent P. Marin, MD, E. Yuksel, MD
  Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction with the New Generation of Silicone Breast Implants: A Single Surgeon's Experience
Sarah Hagarty, MD, Rene Crepeau, MD, Mimis N. Cohen, MD
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