Wednesday, October 13, 2004: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM
Session B (Pennsylvania Convention Center)
Reconstructive Papers
7:00 AM - 7:04 AMDorsal Intercostal Perforator Flap: A New Option For Back Reconstruction
Toshiharu Minabe, MD, PhD, Kiyonori Harii, MD, PhD, Akihiko Takushima, MD, PhD, Takuya Iida, MD, Nobuaki Imanishi, MD, PhD, Hideo Nakajima, MD, PhD, G. Ian Taylor, MD
7:04 AM - 7:05 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:05 AM - 7:09 AMThe Gastrocnemius-Achilles Tendon Myocutaneous Flap (GAT Flap) for Single Stage Reconstruction of Combined Soft Tissue and Extensor Mechanism Defects of the Knee: An 18 Year Experience
Loren S Schechter, MD, John C Layke, MD, Wayne M Goldstein, MD, Lawrence J Gottlieb, MD
7:09 AM - 7:10 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:10 AM - 7:14 AMDistally Based Lateral and Medial Leg Adipofascial Flaps: Be Cautious in Old and Diabetic Patients
Yener Demirtas, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Yakup Sariguney, MD, Fulya Findikcioglu, MD, Onur Cukurluoglu, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Seyhan Cenetoglu, MD
7:14 AM - 7:15 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:15 AM - 7:20 AMDiscussion
7:20 AM - 7:24 AMSeparation of Parts Hernia Repairs and Postoperative Ventilation: Reversal of the "Lost Domain"?
Gregory A Dumanian, MD, Ivan Hadad, William Small
7:24 AM - 7:25 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:25 AM - 7:29 AMHernia Repair and Panniculectomy in Gastric Bypass Patients
Michele A Shermak, MD
7:29 AM - 7:30 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:30 AM - 7:34 AMVacuum Assisted Closure of the Abdominal Wall
Anthony J. DeFranzo, Jr, MD, Keith Pitzer, MD, Robert Letton, MD, Joseph Molnar, MD, PhD, Malcolm Marks, MD, Michael Chang, MD, Preston Miller, MD, Louis Argenta, MD
7:34 AM - 7:35 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:35 AM - 7:39 AMVacuum Assisted Closure™ for Sternal Wounds: A First Line Therapeutic Management
Jayant P. Agarwal, MD, Michael P. Ogilvie, MD, Liza C. Wu, MD, Robert F. Lohman, MD, Lawrence J. Gottlieb, MD, Mietka Franczyk, PT, PhD, David H. Song, MD
7:39 AM - 7:40 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:40 AM - 7:41 AMDiscussion
7:41 AM - 7:45 AMA Case of Total Face Reconstruction with One Expanded Free Flap
Hiroyuki Sakurai, MD, PhD, Motohiro Nozaki, MD, PhD, Osamu Fujiwara, MD, Eri Fukaya, MD, Nobuo Isono, MD
7:45 AM - 7:46 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:46 AM - 7:50 AMOral Commisure Reconstruction Using Bilateral Distally Based Ventral Tongue Flaps
David Singer, MD, Richard J Zienowicz, MD
7:50 AM - 7:51 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:51 AM - 7:52 AMDiscussion
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