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Scientific Posters
3D Measure of the Airway Space in Patients with Skeletal Malocclusion
Patricia V. M. Alves, DDS, MS, Ana M. Bolognese, DDS, MS, DSc, Limping Zhao, PhD, Pravin K. Patel, MD
3-Dimensional Laser Surface Scanner Analysis and Orthognathic Surgery
Patricia V. M. Alves, DDS, MS, Ana M. Bolognese, DDS, MS, DSc, Limping Zhao, PhD, Pravin K. Patel, MD
A Novel Model for Evaluating the Anatomic and Physiologic Effects of Rhinoplasty
Brian S. Coan, MD, Emma Neff, BS, Jeffrey R. Marcus, MD
A Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing a New Coaptive Film Device Versus Subcuticular Closure of Linear Incisions
Carolyn L. Kerrigan, MD, Thomas Walsh, MSc
A Retrospective Review of Complicated Scalp Injuries and Avulsions at a Level I Trauma Center
Brian A. Janz, MD, Marcus J. Ko, MD, Ramon Garza, BA, Chandrasekhar Basu, MD, MPH
A Ten-Year Experience Using the 410 Biodimensional System in Breast Augmentations
Rogerio I. Neves, MD, PhD, Katherine Au, MD, Garrett Vangelisti, MD, Andrew Kriegel, MD, Donald R. Mackay, MD
Abdominal Etching: Clinical and Technical Measures for Achieving Predictable Outcomes
Aldo B. Guerra, MD
Abominoplasty and Intra-Abdominal Surgery: Safety First
Jacob M.P. Bloom, MS, Alvin B. Cohn, MD, Benjamin Schlechter, MD, FACS, Nancy Davis, MA, Loren S. Schechter, MD, FACS
Aging Mid-Face: Assessment and Proposed Management – Inter-rater Reliability and Concordance
Ali Hazrati, MD, MSc, Daron Geldwert, MD, Khang T. Nguyen, MD, James J. Chao, MD, Amanda Gosman, MD, Marek K. Dobke, MD, PhD
A modified reverse U Method for Correction of Unilateral Cleft-lip Nose Deformity: Long-term Follow-up and Assessment
Keisuke Imai, MD, PhD, Akira Yamada, MD, Kuniyuki Morimoto, MD, Hiroshi Matsumoto, MD, Heishiro Fujikawa, MD
Anatomy and Clinical Study of the Postauricular Fascia in Rhinoplasty
Aldo B. Guerra, MD, Stephen E. Metzinger, MD
Assessment of Acute Safety at 2 Weeks in Subjects Injected Implanted with Hyaluronic Acid Gel Dermal Fillers
Jeffrey Dover, MD, FRCPC, Mark Rubin, MD
Assessment of Adverse Experiences, Keloid Formation and Pigmentary Changes in Subjects with Fitzpatrick Skin Types 4, 5, or 6 Injected with Hyaluronic Acid Gel Dermal Fillers
Susan Taylor, MD, Cheryl Burgess, MD
Assessment of Complications and Outcomes in the Use of the Distally-Based Sural Lesser Saphenous Neuro-Veno-Adipo-Fascial (NVAF) Flap in Lower Extremity Reconstruction
Samuel V. Bartholomew, MD, Michael S. Wong, MD, Kamlesh Patel, MD, James Kim, MD, Thomas P. Whetzel, MD, Eiler Sommerhaug, MD, Albert Oh, MD, Brad Nanigian, MD, Ali Salim, MD, Thomas Ray Stevenson, MD
Assessment of Tracheo-bronchial anomalies in patients with Syndromic craniosynostosis
Hiroshi Matsumoto, MD, Keisuke Imai, MD, Akira Yamada, MD, Kuniyuki Morimoto, MD, Heishiro Fujikawa, MD, Hiroaki Sakamoto, MD, Tomoaki Nakano, MD
Assessment of the Effect of Injection Techniques on the Rate of Local Adverse Events When Using Hyaluronic Acid Gel Dermal Fillers
Richard G. Glogau, MD, Michael A. C. Kane, MD
Autologous Breast Reconstruction: The Vanderbilt Experience 1998-2005, Independent Predictors of Displeasing Outcomes
Joseph A. Greco, MD, Eric Castaldo, MD, Evelyn Wu, MS, Rafe Donahue, PhD, Lillian Nanney, PhD, J. Jason Wendel, MD, Kevin F. Hagan, MD, R. Bruce Shack, MD
Biomechanical and Histological Evaluation of Norian CRS and Norian CRS Fast Set Putty in the Long-term Reconstruction of Full-thickness Skull Defects in a Sheep Model
Andrea Moreira Gonzalez, MD, Anand Parikh, MS, Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD, Maria Siemionow, MD, PhD, James E. Zins, MD
Bioterrorism: Preparing the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Devinder Singh, MD
Composite Reconstruction Following Complex Ankle Avulsion Injury in a 3-Year Old
Pirko Maguina, MD, David Morris, MD, Mark Grevious, MD
Cutaneous Sarcoidosis Mimicing Nasal Skin Tumor: Lupus Pernio
Furkan Erol Karabekmez, MD, Ahmet Duymaz, MD, Mehtap Karamese, MD, Mustafa Keskin, MD, Zekeriya Tosun, MD, Nedim Savaci, MD
DERMABOND®-assisted Primary Closure of Atrophic Skin
Michael Bain, MD, MMS, Emily A. Peterson, MD, Robert X. Murphy, MD, MS
Destiny of Hemangioma on Cleft Lip
Soo Jong Choi, MD, Yong-Chan Bae, MD, PhD, Su-Bong Nam, MD
Developing a Microsurgery Program at a County Hospital: The Initial 4 year Experience
T. Minsue Chen, MD, Erik S. Marques, MD
Distraction Rate and Latency: Factors in the Outcome of Pediatric Maxillary Distraction
Patrick Cole, MD, Stephen Higuera, MD, Larry H. Hollier, Jr, MD
Endoscopic Assisted Mandibular Distraction
Sean Boutros, MD
Enhancement of the Superior Sulcus using Alloderm
Peter G. Lee, MD
Ex Utero Intrapartum (Exit) Management of Micrognathia with Distraction
Christopher B. Gordon, MD, Rian Maercks, MD, Gerald J. Cho, BS, Leopoldo E. Landa, MD, DMD, X. Pilar Reyna-Rodriguez, DDS
Exploring the Effects of Referring General Surgeon's Views on Breast Reconstruction Utilization
D. Heath Stacey, MD, Michelle Spring, MD, Tara Breslin, MD, MPH, Venkat K. Rao, MD, MBA, Karol A. Gutowski, MD
Fascia-Sparing, Laparoscopically-Delayed Pedicled TRAM Reconstruction
E. Dale Collins, MD, Renee C. Comizio, MD, Joshua M. Adkinson, MD, Kristen M. Yurkerwich, BS, John H. Higgins, MS, Thadeus Trus, MD, FRCS
Fat Grafting to the Hand after Ulnar Nerve Repair
Ryan S. Hoffman, MD, Mark Grevious, MD, David Morris, MD
Functionalizing Intact Extracellular Matrix Based Scaffold with Starburst Dendrimer
Jeffrey C.Y. Chan, MBBCh, Krishna Burugapalli, PhD, John L. Kelly, MD, FRCS(Plast), Abhay Pandit, PhD
Hand Anomalies in 62 patients with Poland's Syndrome
Sean Kern, BSc, Justin P. Fox, MD, David Anderson, BSc, Joshua Tyler, MD, Alan Seyfer, MD, FACS
Helping Hands: A cost-effective model for humanitarian hand surgery
Devinder Singh, MD, Jessica Lindoerfer, BA, John Tangredi, RN, J. Grant Thomson, MD, MSc
Herpes Zoster after Reconstruction for Head and Neck Cancer
Pranay M. Parikh, MD, Steven P. Davison, MD, DDS
Hyaluronic Acid Gel (Restylane®) Implantation Longevity over 52 Weeks
Mark Rubin, MD, Jeffrey Dover, MD
Immediate Reconstruction of a Nonreplantable Thumb Amputation by Great Toe Transfer
Edward C. Ray, MD, Randy Sherman, MD, Milan Stevanovic, MD
Inamed (Allergan) Style 410 Cohesive Gel Implants: 100 Consecutive Cases for Breast Augmentation
Herluf Gyde Lund Jr., MD
Internal Mammary Artery Perforator Flap for Chest Wall Reconstruction
Masaki Takeuchi, MD, Kenji Sasaki, MD, Motohiro Nozaki, MD, PhD
Isolating Adipose Stem Cells for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Applications
Henry A. Mentz, MD, FACS, Amado Ruiz-Razura, MD, FACS, Christopher K. Patronella, MD, FACS, German Newall, MD, FACS, Grace Wu, MS, Ronald Stubbers, BS, Michael Coleman, PhD
Later Results after Thorac Axillar Flap in Consertive Treatment
Elvio Bueno Garcia, PhD, Lydia Masako Ferreira, PhD, Miguel Sabino Neto, PhD, Luis Eduardo Abla, MD, PhD
Long Term Follow-up of Cranioplasty Utilizing Alloplastic Implant and Bioabsorbable Pin Fixation
Denis Franks, MD, Robert K. Johnson, DDS, John Mitcherling, DDS, William Mitcherling, DDS, Ronald P. Silverman, MD
Long-term Results of Craniofacial Implantation: A Return to Methylmethacrylate
Anil Shetty, MD, Gustavo E. Bello-Rojas, MD, Ian T. Jackson, MD, FRCS, FACS, Matthew L. Rontal, MD, Halil Ibrahim Cantor, MD, PhD
Major and Lethal Complications of Liposuction: A Review of 72 Cases in Germany Between 1998 and 2002
Marcus Lehnhardt, MD, Heinz Homann, Adrien Daigeler, Joerg Hauser, Lars Steinstraesser, MD, Hans Steinau
Management of Neonatal Upper Airway Obstruction: Decreased Morbidity by Utilizing a Decision Tree Model with Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
Raj M. Vyas, BS, Kristy L. Wasson, BA, Katrina Dipple, MD, Christian Head, MD, Samuel H. Wald, MD, Joubin S. Gabbay, MD, Amir Tahernia, MD, James P. Bradley, MD
Microarray Analysis of Genes Orchestrating Craniofacial Development
Leo R. Otake, MD, PhD, John A. Persing, MD
Microsurgical Correction of Craniofacial Malformations: a Fifteen-Year Experience
Christopher C. Chang, BA, Pierre B. Saadeh, MD, Stephen Warren, MD, Patrick Reavey, MD, John Weston Siebert, MD
Nipple Reconstruction with C-V Flap Using Dermofat Graft
SuRak Eo, MD, PhD, SangHun Cho, MD, PhD, Steve S. Kim, MD, PhD, Andrew L. Da Lio, MD
Outcome Following Removal of Infected Tissue Expanders in Breast Reconstruction: A 10-Year Experience
Eric Halvorson, MD, Joseph J. Disa, MD, Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Brooke Burkey, MD, Andrea Pusic, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD
Outpatient Abdominoplasty Facilitated by Rib Blocks
George A. Csank, MD, Basil M. Michaels, MD, Frederick N. Eko, MD
Pediatric Maxillofacial Trauma in Bicycle-Related Injuries
Neil Tanna, MD, Ananth Murthy, MD
Placement of Alveolar Bone Graft or Dental Implant Independently Affects Maxillary Stress and Strain in the Patient with Unilateral Facial Skeletal Cleft
Linping Zhao, PhD, David E. Morris, MD, Pravin K. Patel, MD
Post-bariatric Reconstruction: Patient Myths, Perceptions, Cost, and Attainability Strategies
Jeffrey Gusenoff, MD, Susan Messing, Ralph Pennino, William O'Malley, Thad Boss, Howard Langstein
Predictors of Ideal Nipple Position in Breast Reduction Surgery
Brian Olack, MD, Jane Garb, MS, Kristin Stueber, MD
Pseudoptosis after Breast Reduction in Bariatric Weight Loss Patients
Norma I. Cruz, MD
Quantifying Soft Tissue Changes in the Aging Midface
Ulysses Scarpidis, MD, MPA, Rich Novack, BA
Reconstruction Of Posterolateral Mandibular Defects With Extensive Soft Tissue Component Using Non-osseous Free Tissue Transfer
Arif Chaudhry, MPH, Afshin Mosahebi, MBBS, PhD, MBA, Colleen Mccarthy, MD, Pravin Reddy, md, Martin Jugenburg, md, Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Andrea Pusic, MD, Joseph J. Disa, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD
Reconstruction with Galeal Flap of Depressed Forehead Region in Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy
Ahmet Duymaz, MD, Furkan Erol Karabekmez, MD, Zekeriya Tosun, MD, Mehtap Karamese, MD, Mustafa Keskin, MD, Nedim Savaci, MD
Reduction Mammaplasty-Analysis of outcomes stratified by weight of reduction: Does size really matter ?
Jason A. Spector, MD, Sunil Singh, BS, Nolan S. Karp, MD
Reduction of Intracranial Pressure after Craniosynostosis Surgery
Lars H. Evers, MD, Dhaval Bhavsar, MD, Allen Ho, BS, Hal Meltzer, MD, Michael Levy, MD, PhD, Steven Cohen, MD
Reliability of the Helical Advancement Flap for Auricular Reconstruction
Neil Tanna, MD, William H. Lindsey, MD
Routine Perioperative Antibiotic Use in Reduction Mammaplasty
Joseph Thornton, MD, Debbie A. Kennedy, MD, Susan Gannon, MD
Shaping Alloderm to Overcome Contour Deformities in Autologous Breast Reconstruction
Aldona J. Spiegel, MD, Hector Salazar-Reyes, MD, Deana Shenaq, MS, II, Jason R. Bailey, MD
Split-face Comparison Study Of Restylane Versus Puragen In The Treatment Of Glabellar Lines
Taro Kono, MD, Yuji Kikuchi, MD, Hiroyuki Sakurai, MD, Takashi Yamaki, MD, Motohiro Nozaki, MD, PhD
Style 410 Highly Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implant Results through 4 Years from the U.S. Multi-Center Core Clinical Study
Bradley P. Bengtson, MD, Diane K. Murphy, MBA, Araceli Slicton, BA, Patricia S. Walker, MD, PhD
Subcutaneous Temporal Brow Lift Under Local Anesthesia: A Useful Technique for Periorbital Rejuvenation
Rafi S. Bidros, MD, Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD, Hector Salazar-Reyes, MD
Sublabial Approach for Columellar Reconstruction/Lenghtening in Corrective Rhinoplasty
Sarit Cohen, MD, Dean Ad-El, MD, Joseph Shem Tov, MD
Surgical Treatment for Frontal Sinusitis after Craniotomy
Nobutaka Yoshioka, MD, PhD, Michiaki Hiramoto, MD, PhD, Haruo Ogawa, MD, Hiroko Nakatani, MD
Suspension and Redrapping of the Free Columella - Lip Complex
Eser Yuksel, MD, Maria del Carmen Martinez, MD, Gerardo Guerra, MD, Lauren Mc Farlane, BS
The Economics Of Implantable Distracters vs Traditional Cranial Remodeling Surgery: Is There A Difference?
Claire Sanger, DO, Claes Lauritzen, MD, PhD
The Effect of Blood Pressure on Hematoma Formation with Perioperative Lovenox in Excisional Body Contouring Surgery
Jordan P. Farkas, MD, Jeffrey Kenkel, Daniel Hatef, Tuon Troung, Spencer Brown, Rod Rohrich
The Effect of Breastfeeding Upon Breast Aesthetics
Brian D. Rinker, MD, Melissa D. Veneracion, Catherine P. Walsh
The Generation and Characterization of Transgenic Mice Overexpressing CD109 in the Skin
Joshua Vorstenbosch, BSc, Genevieve Chaput, MD, Stephane Roy, PhD, Lucie Lessard, MD, FRSC, Anie Philip, PhD
The Influence of AlloDerm on Expander Dynamics and Complications in the Setting of Postmastectomy Tissue Expander/Implant Reconstruction: A Matched-Cohort Study
Beth Aviva Preminger, MD, Colleen M. McCarthy, MD, MS, Babak J. Mehrara, MD, Joseph J. Disa, MD
The Influence of Pedicle Length on Viability of Twisted Perforator Flaps in Rats
Cheol Ho Chang, MD, Goo Hyun Mun, MD, PhD, Kap Sung Oh, MD, PhD, Sa Ik Bang, MD, PhD, Jai Kyong Pyon, MD, So Young Lim, MD, PhD
The Neo-Subpectoral Pocket for the Correction of Synmastia
Joseph H. Dayan, MD, Scott L. Spear, MD, Michael Newman, MD, G. Patrick Maxwell, MD
The No Verticle Scar Technique for Breast Reduction: A Review of 90 Cases
Gregory Neil, MD
The Standardized Patient Used for Teaching Patient Selection in Aesthetic Surgery
Brian D. Rinker, MD, Michael Donnelly, PhD, Henry C. Vasconez, MD
The Use Of Wide Local Excision And Temporary Wound V.A.C.® Dressing In Treating Two Cases Of DFSP
Stephen Pearson, MD, James K. Amsberry, MD
The Use of Artificial Dermis For Complex Wounds
James Yuen, MD, Julio Hochberg, MD
The Use of Safety Devices affects Facial Fracture Patterns in Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC): Analysis of the National Trauma Database
D. Heath Stacey, MD, John Doyle, DDS, Karol A. Gutowski, MD
The Utilization of Research Patient Database Software in Plastic Surgery
Mark M. Melendez, MD, MBA, Xiaoti Xu, BS, Balvantray Arora, MD, Duc T. Bui, MD, Sami Kahn, MD, Kaveh Alizadeh, MD, MS, FACS, Alexander B. Dagum, MD, FRCS, FACS
The Viability of Fat Grafts Harvested by the Coleman Technique: A Comparative Study
Lee L. Q. Pu, MD, PhD, FACS, Sydney R. Coleman, MD, Robert Edward H. Ferguson, Jr, MD, Xiangdong Cui, MD, Henry C. Vasconez, MD
Three Year Experience with Alloderm in Breast Reconstruction
Julio Hochberg, MD, Jason Beck, BS, James C. Yuen, MD
Treatment of a Moh's Scalping Defect in a Nonagenarian Using an Updated Antique Technique
Johan Lars Sanberg, MD, Chris D. Tzarnas, MD, Jeffrey M. Jones, DO, Darren E. Jacobs, DO, Richard B. Kanoff, DO, MSc
Two Hundred and Twenty-Two Consecutive Pharyngeal Flaps: An Analysis
Patrick Cole, MD, Vince Boyd, MD, Samuel Stal, MD
Two Stage Breast Reconstruction with McGhan LV Expanders and McGhan 363 LF Implants: A Review of 82 Breast Reconstructions in 62 Consecutive Patients
Gregory R. Scott, MD, Cynthia L. Carson, PA-C, Gregory L. Borah, MD
Umbilical Hernia Repair in Conjunction with Abdominoplasty: A Novel Surgical Technique to Maintain Umbilical Blood Supply
Terrence W. Bruner, MD, MBA, Hector Salazar-Reyes, MD, Jeffrey D. Friedman, MD
Understanding the Impact of Reconstruction on Quality of Life during the Breast Cancer Survivorship Period
Emily S. Hu, MD, Andrea Pusic, MD, Jennifer Waljee, MD, MPH, Latoya Kuhn, MPH, Edwin Wilkins, MD, Amy Alderman, MD, MPH
Unilateral and Bilateral Eyebrow Reconstruction by Secondary Vascularized “Hairy” Flap
Hiroshi Mizuno, MD, Satoshi Akaishi, Kyoko Kobe, Hiko Hyakusoku
Use of New Dressings Based on Glycerin and Collagen on Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Rogerio Noronha, MD, Rui Lopes Filho, MD, Felipe Pacheco Martins Ferreira, MD
Use of Oasis Wound Matrix For Split-thickness Skin Graft Donor Sites
James C. Yuen, MD, Julio Hochberg, MD
Vacuum Asisted Closure and Anxiety
Furkan Erol Karabekmez, MD, Mustafa Keskin, MD, Ahmet Duymaz, MD, Ertan Yilmaz, MD, Zekeriya Tosun, MD, Nedim Savaci, MD
Vacuum-Assisted Closure for Wound Dehiscence in Head and Neck Reconstruction
Neil Tanna, MD, Joanne J. Lenert, MD, Nader Sadeghi, MD
Virtual Orthognathic Surgery: How Accurately Can One Plan a Procedure?
David E. Morris, MD, Linping Zhao, PhD, Sherif S. Morcos, DDS, MS, Pravin K. Patel, MD

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