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Sunday, November 3, 2002
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Room 2 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Monday, November 4, 2002
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Room 2 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Tuesday, November 5, 2002
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Room 2 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Wednesday, November 6, 2002
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Room 2 (Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center)
Scientific Poster Session
P1 - Absence of Graft-Versus-Host Disease in Recipients of an Isolated Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplant
Chau Tai, MD, Louise Strande, MS, Riva Eydelman, BS, Xiaoli Sheng, MD, Martha Matthews, MD, Charles Hewitt, PhD
P2 - Aggressive Surgical Resection and Reconstruction for Locally Recurrent and Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
Stephen P. Povoski, MD, Julio Hochberg, MD, Marcos Ardenghy, MD, James C. Yuen, MD
P3 - Alpha V Integrin Activates Jab1 to Promote Collagenase Production, Enhance Cell Migration and Perturb Wound Repair
Howard Levinson, MD, Alok K. Sil, PhD, John E. Conwell, BS, James E. Hopper, PhD, Donald R. Mackay, MD, H. Paul Ehrlich, PhD
P4 - A Histological and Morphometrical Evaluation of the Cleft Lip Nose Alar Cartilages
Wilson Cintra, PhD, Luiz Gustavo Balaguer Cruz, MD, Miguel Modolin, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD
P5 - Anterolateral Thigh Flap: Anatomical Study of the Brazilian Population and Clinical Application
L.H. Ishida, MD, L.C. Ishida, MD, H.A. Nakamoto, MD, L. Rodrigues, MD, F.L. Saito, MD, G.P. Sturtz, MD, J.M. Besteiro, PhD, M.C. Ferreira, PhD
P6 - Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction: Preoperative Assessment to Determine Primary Closure Versus Skin Grafting
Melinda L. Lacerna, MD, Edgar Lueg, Michael McNicholl
P7 - Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap for Head and Neck Reconstruction
Peirong Yu, MD
P8 - Atypical Ulcerative Malharbe Tumor in a Very Young Patient
Reha Yavuzer, MD, Alper Sari, MD, Ipek Isik, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Omur Ataoglu, MD
P9 - Autologous Tissue Breast Reconstruction in the Obese: A Twelve Year Review of Our Experience in a South Texas Patient Population
Jennifer L. Walden, MD, Jennifer Murphy, MD, Angela F. Champion, MD, Linda G. Phillips, MD
P10 - Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (B-FGF) Expression and Flap Viability Following Surgical Delay of a Rat Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous (Tram) Flap
Michael S. Wong, MD, Detlev Erdmann, MD, Ranya Sweis, Christiane Pollmann, Gregory S. Georgiade, MD, L. Scott Levin, MD, Kevin C. Olbrich, PhD, Bruce Klitzman, PhD
P12 - Clinical Correlations of Customized Silastic Nasal Stent for Prevention of Recurrence After Deviated Nose Correction
Hee Yoon Choi, MD
P13 - Combined Use of Normal Mode Ruby Laser and Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser in the Treatment of Giant Melanocytic Nevus
Taro Kono, MD, Ali Riza Ercocen, MD, Yuji Kikuchi, Motohiro Nozaki
P14 - Content of Bone Marrow in the Rat Bones and Planning of Flaps for Experimental Vascularized Bone Marrow Transplantation
Fabio Quatra, MD, Oreste M Romeo, MD, Dave Lowemberg, MD, Darrell Brooks, MD, Daniela Perri, MS, Lee Ann Baxter-Lowe, PhD, Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres, MD, Michele R Colonna, MD, Harry J Buncke, MD
P15 - Cranial Distraction with Radial Osteotomy
Yuzo Komuro, MD, Ayato Hayashi, MD, Akira Yanai
P16 - Detection of Isogenic Functional Rat Fibroblasts by Adenoviral Gene Transfer in a Transplantation Model
Hans-Guenther Machens, MD, Timo Spanholtz, Alexandra Maichle, Christian Niedworok, Guido Middeler, Peter Mailaender, H.A. Katus, MD, S. Krueger, MD, T. Wickham, PhD
P17 - Detection of M-Cadherin Expression After Nerve Repair in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Model
Katsunori Niitsuma, MD, Mitsuo Hatoko, MD, PhD, Masamitsu Kuwahara, MD, Aya Tanaka, MD, Satoshi Yurugi, MD, Hiroshi Iioka, MD
P18 - Dismasking Flap - An Extended Coronal Flap for Approach of Craniofacial Tumor and Trauma: Experience of Thirteen Cases
Keisuke Imai, MD, Hiroyuki Komune, MD, Takeru Nomachi, MD, Takuya Fujimoto, MD, Miki Fujii, MD
P19 - Donor Nerve Regenerate by Collateral Sprouting in the End-to-Side Neurorrhaphy
Ayato Hayashi, MD, Yuzo Komuro, MD, Akira Yanai, MD
P20 - Early Experience with CT Angiography in Microsurgical Reconstruction
Matthew Klein, MD, Yvonne Karanas, MD, Lawrence C. Chow, MD, Geoff Rubin, MD, James Chang, MD
P21 - Effects of Human Amniotic Fluid on Peripheral Nerve Scarring and Regeneration in an Adult Rat Model
Guzin Yesim Ozgenel, MD, Gulaydan Filiz, MD
P22 - Efficacy of the Q-Switched Ruby Laser in the Treatment of Nevus of Ota in Children
Taro Kono, MD, Ali Riza Ercocen, MD, Yuji Kikuchi, Shoichi Uezono, MD, Motohiro Nozaki
P23 - Evaluation of Alveolar Bone Grafting: A Survey of ACPA Teams
Ananth S. Murthy, MD, James A. Lehman, MD
P24 - Evaluation of Genitofemoral Nerve Donor Site Morbidity After Radical Prostatectomy
Matthew S. Kilgo, MD, Gordon Kaplan, MD, Farhang Rabbani, MD, Peter T. Scardino, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD
P25 - Experience with Reduction Mammaplasty Combined with Conservation Therapy in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD, Scott L. Spear, MD, Andrew J. Wolfe, MD, Theodore N. Tsangaris, MD, Marie F. Pennanen, MD
P26 - FK506 Does Not Expedite Muscle Recovery in a Rat Primary Nerve Repair Model
Mustafa Asim Aydin, MD, Melanie G. Urbanchek, PhD, William M. Kuzon, MD, PhD
P27 - Free-Flap Treatment of Congenital Pressure Necrosis of the Forearm in the Neonate
Daniel A. Medalie, MD
P28 - Hemifacial Amputation Reconstructed with Modified Cervico-Delto-Pectoral Fasciocutanous Flap
Jamal Mohammad, MD
P29 - How to Tie a Knot with Goretex (Expanded Polytetrafluroethylene) Suture
Alan Young Lim, MD
P30 - Iliac Hernia Following Iliac Bone Graft Harvest. A Case Report
Dimitrios Danikas, MD, Spero J.V. Theodorou, MD, Constantinos Stratoulias, MD, George Constantinopoulos, MD, Ernest M. Ginalis, MD
P31 - Immediate Bone Grafting of the Osteocutaneous Radial Forearm Flap Donor Site
Matthew S. Kilgo, MD, Gordon Kaplan, MD, Edward Athanasian, MD, Peter G. Cordeiro, MD
P32 - In Vivo Persistence of Fluorescent Human Keratinocyte Grafts in Athymic Mice
C. Scott Hultman, MD, Chris Campbell, MS, Abner Ward, MS, Bruce A. Cairns, MD, Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD, Suzan deSerres, MS
P33 - Induction of HSP47 Protein in Scars
Hiroshi Iioka, MD, Mitso Hatoko, MD, PhD, Masamitu Kuwahara, MD, Aya Tanka, MD, Satoshi Yurugi, MD, Katunori Niitsuma, MD
P34 - Induction of Tolerance to Composite Tissue Allografts in the Rat with Short-Term Administration of Deoxyspergualin and Anti-T Lymphocyte Monoclonal Antibody
Fabio Quatra, MD, Oreste M. Romeo, Dave Lowemberg, Darrell Brooks, Lee Ann Baxter-Lowe, PhD, Michele R. Colonna, MD, Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres, MD, Harry J. Buncke, MD
P35 - Lip Reconstruction: An Algorithmic Approach
Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD, Norman Weinzweig, MD
P36 - Long-Term Outcomes in Patients with Pressure Sores
Gary D. Motykie, MD, Michael Obeng, MD, Linda G Phillips, MD
P37 - Microsurgery in Private Practice: A Review of a Single Surgeon's First One Hundred Cases
Frederick J. Duffy, MD
P38 - Microvascular Breast Reconstruction: Experience with 1155 Flaps
Babak J. Mehrara, MD, William W. Shaw, MD, A.L. Da Lio, MD, J.P. Watson, MD, E. Arcilla, MD, A. Smith, MD, T.D. Santoro, MD, J. Sebastian, MD
P39 - Misallignment of Urethra or Urethral Duplication?
Reha Yavuzer, MD, Selahattin Ozmen, MD, Yavuz Basterzi, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Suhan Ayhan, MD, Seyhan Cenetoglu, MD
P40 - Penile Replantation: How Much Ischemia Time is too Much?
Anureet Bajaj, MD, Victor Perez, MD, Mark Dickinson, MD, Roger Hadley, MD, Anil Punjabi, MD, DDS
P41 - Post Warm Ischemia Limb Replantation: A New Experimental Model and the Effects of Streptoquinase, Allopurinol and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Marcelo Sacramento Cunha, MD, Hugo Alberto Nakamoto, MD, Jose Carlos Faes da Silva, MD, Alexandre Wada, MD, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD
P42 - Protean Manifestations of Ganglion Cysts
Norman Weinzweig, MD, Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
P43 - Pyoderma Gangrenosum Developing After Throidectomy
Tamer Koldas, MD, Hulya Aydın, MD, Cengiz Dibekoglu, Bekir Aybey, Tarik Terzioglu, MD
P44 - Rapid Intraoperative Tissue Expansion Up-Regulates Insulin 1 – Another Stretch-Responsive Gene in the Skin?
Julio Hocherg, MD, Yunfeng Zhu, PhD, Jia Luo, PhD, Joshua Barker, BS, Eugene Cilento, PhD, Frank Reilly, PhD
P45 - Rhinoplasty Using Gender Specific Nasion Position Preferences as Determined by a Survey of North American Caucasians
Arian Mowalvi, MD, David Garth Meldrum, MD, Michael W. Neumeister, MD, Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD
P46 - Salvage of the Infected or Exposed Breast Implant: A Management and Treatment Algorithm
Michael A. Howard, MD, Scott L. Spear, MD, James H. Boehmler, MD
P47 - Secondary Rhytidectomy: An Age Old Story?
Alan Matarasso, MD, Steven G. Wallach, MD, Lisa DiFrancesco, MD, Marlene Rankin, PhD
P48 - Segmental Gracilis Free Flap Based on Secondary Pedicle
Pedro Carlos Cavadas, MD, PhD
P49 - Sentinel Lymphadenectomy in Patients with Breast Augmentation
Melinda L. Lacerna, MD, J. Michael Guenther, L. Andrew Difronzo, Dena Amr
P50 - Single Stage Muscle Flap Reconstruction of the Postpneumonectomy Empyema Space
Hisham Seify, MD, Joseph Miller, Kamal Mansour
P51 - Surgical Management of the Cutaneous Manifestations of Linear Nevus Sebaceus Syndrome
Alexander Margulis, MD, Bruce S. Bauer, MD, Julia F. Corcoran, MD
P52 - Symmetric Breast Reconstruction: The Role of 3-Dimensional Digital Photography
Maurice Y. Nahabedian, MD, Greg Galdino, MD
P53 - "Tear-Drop" Shaped Dorsolateral Finger Flap After Resection of Large Mucous Cyst
Yuichi Hirase, MD, Tadao Kojima, MD, Keizo Fukumoto, MD, Toshihito Yamaguchi, MD
P54 - The Effect of Distal Epineural Resection of the Recipient Nerve on Axonal Regeneration in Terminolateral Neurroraphy
Selahattin Özmen, MD, Osman Latifoglu, MD, Sühan Ayhan, MD, Reha Yavuzer, MD, Gülay Nurlu, MD, Kenan Atabay, MD
P55 - The Effect of Pre-Operative Antibiotics on Postoperative Infection Rates in Mandibular Fractures
Gary D. Motykie, MD, Jon S. Mancoll, MD, Linda G. Phillips, MD
P56 - The Gluteal Thigh Flap - An Anatomical Study and Clinical Applications
Luiz Henrique Ishida, MD, Gean Paulo Scopel, MD, Simone Cristina Orpheu, MD, Eduardo Montag, MD, Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz, MD, Nairet Queipo Briceno, MD, Marcus Castro Ferreira, MD
P57 - The Long-Term Fate of Transplanted Autologous Fat in a Novel Rabbit Facial Model
Michael Brucker, MD, Anthony Spangenberger, BA, Patrick Sullivan, MD, Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
P58 - The Oblique Rectus Abdominis Musculocutaneous (ORAM) Flap: Revisited Clinical Applications
Michael J. Lee, MD, Gregory A. Dumanian, MD
P59 - The Use of a Hydrogel in the Engineering of Skin: A Bilayer Approach
Angela M. Rodriguez, MD, Raymond M. Dunn, MD, Brannon Claytor, MD, Syed Kamil, MD, Larry Bonassar, PhD, Martin Vacanti, MD, Charles Vacanti, MD
P60 - The Use of Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) System with Propofol and Local Anesthesis During Ambulatory Aesthetic Surgery. An Analysis of 102 Consecutive Patients
Oscar A. Zimman, MD, PhD, Héctor Abramowicz, MD, Pablo Stengele, MD
P61 - The Venetian Blind Technique: A Modification to the Pi Technique for Scaphocephaly Repair
Melinda L. Lacerna, MD, Andrew Wexler, Mark Urata
P62 - Tie Up Technique for Hemorrhageless Resection of Diffuse Neurofibroma
Sachio Kouraba, MD, Taisuke Sakamoto, MD, Cyu Kimura, MD, Akiteru Takeuchi, MD, Emi Funayama, MD, Yuhei Yamamoto, MD, PhD, Tomoko Yokoyama, MD, Tamotsu Kamishima, MD, Masanobu Kumakiri, MD, PhD
P63 - Total Scalp Reconstruction for Angiosarcoma
E. Yoonah Kim, MD, Ben J. Childers, MD
P64 - Transpalpebral and Extended Transconjunctival Approach in Fractures of the Upper Orbit
Sang-Hwan Koo, MD, Eul-Sik Yoon, MD, Dong-Hee Kang, MD, Seung-Ha Park, MD
P65 - Urethroplasty of Extensive Penile Urethral Strictures with Longitudinal Ventral Tubed Flap of Penile Skin (Modified Orandi Urethroplasty)
Sug Won Kim, MD, Sung Jun Lee, MD, Wan Kee Min, MD, Yoon Kyu Chung, MD
P66 - Use of Integra® for Coverage of Tendons in Acute Deep Burnt Feet
Jean-Claude Castède, MD, Vincent M. Casoli, MD, Ciprian Isacu, MD, Hassan Segrouchni, MD, Gérard Perro, MD, Raymond Sanchez, MD, Marcel Cutillas, MD
P67 - Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) of Recalcitrant Enterocutaneous Fistulas
Michael S. Wong, MD, Laura A. Gunn, MD, Salvatore C. Lettieri, MD
P68 - VEGF Enhances Axonal Sprouting in Acellular Nerve Grafts
Mustafa Asim Aydin, MD, Paul S. Cederna, MD, William M. Kuzon, MD, PhD
P69 - Versatility of Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint Flexion Crease Flaps in Fingertip Reconstruction
Norman Weinzweig, MD
P70 - Vulvar Reconstruction with Modified Fasciocutaneous Pudendal-Thigh Flaps
Pedro Bistoletti, MD, Teresita Cravino, MD, Brita M. Rüd, MD, Oscar A. Zimman, MD, PhD
P71 - When to Use the Tensor Fascia Lata Flap as an Alternate Autologous Tissue for Breast Reconstruction
Timothy Santoro, MD, William Shaw, MD, Eric E. Arcilla, MD, Babak Mehrara, MD, Andrew Smith, MD, Jeffrey Sebastian, MD, Andrew L. Da Lio, MD, James P. Watson, MD
P72 - Wound Contraction is Inhibited by Blockade of Actin-Myosin Filament Sliding
Howard Levinson, MD, Kurtis E. Moyer, MD, Donald R. Mackay, MD, H. Paul Ehrlich, PhD

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